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Zip Files

DeprecatedKNIME File Handling Nodes version 4.3.2.v202103021015 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

This node zips files into a zip file. The path to the files has to be contained in the input table.


Location column
The column that contains the location to the files that should be zipped. The location has to contain the absolute path. It can either be a String or an URI.
Compression level
Level of compression for the zip file, with 0 being no compression and 9 being maximum compression.
Zip output file
Path of the zip file that will be created.
Path handling
Specifies how the file path shall be handled inside the zip file.
Use full path
The full filepath will be used for every file.
Use only filename
Only the filename will be used, so the zip file will contain no directories.
Truncate prefix
The given prefix will be cut off of the file paths inside the zip file. To locate the files, the full path is still required in the input table.
Prefix directory
Prefix of the path that will be truncated.
If zip file exists...
Specifies the behavior if a zip file with the same name already exists.
Overwrites the whole file and ignores its content.
Append (Overwrite)
Appends the new files into the existing zip file. It will overwrite files within the zip file that have the same name as new ones.
Append (Abort)
Appends the new files into the existing zip file. It will abort if the zip files contains files that would need to be overwritten. In this case the old file will be retained as it is.
Will abort if the zip file already exists, while keeping the file untouched.

Input Ports

Has to have a column that contains the path to the files that should be zipped.


To use this node in KNIME, install KNIME Basic File System Connectors from the following update site:


A zipped version of the software site can be downloaded here.

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