This Node Is Deprecated — This node is kept for backwards-compatibility, but the usage in new workflows is no longer recommended. The documentation below might contain more information.

This node downloads a file or folder from the server specified by the connection information and outputs a table with the references to the local files.


Source file or folder
Location of the file or folder on the server.
Path handling
How the path of the source files will be truncated.
Use full path
Use the full path without truncating anything.
Use only filename
Truncate the whole path and leave only the file's name.
Truncate prefix
Truncate the selected prefix directory from the path.
Directory that will be truncated from the sources path.
Target folder
Where the downloaded files will be put.
Download subfolders (if applicable)
If this is selected subfolders and there contend will be downloaded, otherwise they will be ignored.
Only download files that match pattern
Restrict downloaded files to those matching the pattern.
The pattern that will be used for filename matching.
Pattern is:
What kind of pattern is used for matching.
Regular expression
Use regular expression.
Use wildcard pattern. The wildcard pattern can contain '?' (representing any one character) and '*' (representing any sequence of characters).
If exists...
How to handle already existing files.
Overwrite the existing file.
Overwrite if newer
Overwrite the existing file only, if the file on the server is newer.
Abort the execution of the node.

Input Ports

Port object containing the connection information to the server.

Output Ports

Table containing the list of files that have been downloaded and if they have been downloaded or were already up to date.

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