Density Scorer

Calculates density scores for the input table given a density model. Note that the model can only be applied to the data it was initialized with in the corresponding initializer node (Potential Density Initializer or Graph Density Initializer).


Output Column Name
Name of the appended density score column.
Unknown Row Handling
If this setting is set to ignore, unknown rows (i.e. rows that were not used for the creation of the density model) receive a missing value as density score. Otherwise the node will fail if it encounters such a row.

Input Ports

Density scorer model created with either the Potential Density Initializer or the Graph Density Initializer node.
Table containing rows for which the current density score has to be computed.

Output Ports

The input table with an appended density score column. The name of the column can be specified via the Output Column Name option.


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