Active Learn Loop End

This Node Is Deprecated — This node is kept for backwards-compatibility, but the usage in new workflows is no longer recommended. The documentation below might contain more information.


Node Options

Representative Column
The column which value will be shown in the detailed view area of the node View.
Class Column
The column which holds the classes in each row.
Automaticaly label unassigned rows
If this check-box is checked rows that have not been assigned a label in the dialog are labeled with the default class when pressing continue. .
Default Class Name (*)
Name of the default class used for the automatic labeling.
Auto Terminate
If checked, execution will automatically be terminated when there are no unlabeled rows left.

Input Ports

Unlabeled Table.
Passthrough Port - Will be the output of the Loop.

Output Ports

Passthrough output.

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The user is asked to enter classes for the input rows. A class can be entered and text field in any of the three tabs and should be then assigned to the rows.The view consists of 3 tabs:

Table Selection
All rows are presented in a table. Rows can be labeled either by selecting one or more rows in the table and then selecting a class in the combobox above, or by clicking and changing the value of the class column of a row directly.

This is for labeling rows one by one. One unlabeled row after the other is shown to the user and can be labeled by clicking one of the class buttons.

Manage Classes
For adding and removing classes. Be aware that this will not remove lables from datapoints handled in previous iterations.


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