Download File From SharePoint (with conn)

This nodes downloads a file from your Sharepoint using the Sharepoint rest v1 API
It requires a given authentication token (for details see GetRestAccessToken Node)
For details on the API see:


SharePoint Site Name
The name of your Sharepoint e.g. MySharePoint in
Download File SP Path (complete path)
Complete Sharepoint path to the file you want to be downloaded. e.g. Test1.xlsx in your shared document would be: Shared Documents/Test1.xlsx
Save File to - Selected File
Enter a valid location where the output file should be created. The required syntax of a path depends on the chosen file system, such as "C:\path\to\file" (Local File System on Windows) or "/path/to/file" (Local File System on Linux/MacOS and Mountpoint).

Input Ports

Required SharePoint Rest Connection

Output Ports

SharePoint response


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