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ss-TEA score

Subfamily specific two entropy analysis score version 1.0.6.v201906261947 by Netherlands eScience Center

Calculates ss-TEA score of sequence alignment and subfamily members.

Calculates entropies of each column/residue position in the sequence alignment. The entropy is calculated twice once for members inside the subfamily and once for members outside the subfamily. The ss-TEA score is a distance which is low when entropy within subfamily is low and entropy outside subfamily is high.
So positions with the lowest ss-TEA scores are most likely to be involved in ligand binding within the selected subfamily.

The ss-TEA can identify specific ligand binding residue positions for any receptor, predicated on high quality sequence information.


Column to use for sequence indentifiers for sequence alignment port and subfamily port
Column to use for sequence, where the sequence is long string of amino acids

Input Ports

Table sequence alignment with sequence identifier column and sequence column.
Table subfamily members with sequence identifier column, subfamily must be subset of sequence alignment members of the first port.

Output Ports

ss-TEA scores and stats

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