JChem Manager

This node for connecting to relational databases using JDBC. See JDBC home site for more details on JDBC connections. The JDBC driver you are using will provide information on setting the url property. This node stores one JChem specific property, the name of the property table. Its default value is "JChemProperties".


Database location
Sets the local database location.
Sets the database name.
URL of database
A JDBC URL provides a way of identifying a database so that the appropriate driver will recognize it and establishes a connection with it.
Property table
Enter the name of the property table. The default value is JChemProperties.
Login name
Enter a user ID needed to enter the database. If a login name is not needed, then leave the field empty.
Enter the password for the login name.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

JChem database connection object

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