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This node opens a local R session and pushes the data table from KNIME into R.
The input data table is sent to R as a data frame named "kIn". If the optional input ports are used then data frames are named "kIn1", "kIn2" and "kIn3".

This node is using R as back end, make sure that Rserve is running somewhere, and KNIME is accordingly configured (KNIME->Preferences->KNIME->R-Scripting). Scripting integration Wiki (R server)


Chunk size to push incoming data
Number of columns to push as one data chunk to R. The default (-1) leads to data transfer without splitting the data in chunks.
Chunk size to pull result data
Not used for this node.

Input Ports

A data table to be pushed to R
First optional data table to be pushed to R
Second optional data table to be pushed to R

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


This node has no views


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