Python Plot

This Node Is Deprecated — This version of the node has been replaced with a new and improved version. The old version is kept for backwards-compatibility, but for all new workflows we suggest to use the version linked below.
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This node creates plots using Python. The script for Python can be selected from a plot template repository. RGG (R GUI Generator) is used to configure the Python code using a graphical user interface in a way that the user does not need to know scripting in Python. URL of the template file can be set in KNIME->Preferences->KNIME->Python Scripting.
The input data table from KNIME is converted to a dictionary and imported into Python as a variable named "kIn". The plot from Python is sent back to KNIME as the output.

Script Editor:
Copy, cut or paste and Python code to the editor and/or select the columns from your data table. If a template is loaded used the GUI to adapt the script to the input data.

Select a plot template from the template repository (double-click or "Use this template") to use that script and see the GUI. The description shows you an example plot than can be done using this template. Then configure the GUI according to your input data.

Output Options:
Specify the image dimensions of the plot and the type and location where to save that image.

This node is using Python as backend, make sure that Python is installed locally or that the node can connect to the Python server is running somewhere accessible. Check the node configurations: KNIME->Preferences->KNIME->Python Scripting.
Further documentation can be found on the Scripting integration Wiki (Python server)


Script Editor/Unlink from Template
Gives access to the Python script after adaptation by the GUI.
Script Editor/Edit Template
Gives access to the RGG script.
Loads again the template file.
Generate a temporary webpage shown in a browser which gives an overview about all available templates.
Description shows some plot options and an example plot. Source displays the RGG script.
Templates/Use this template
Click to load the GUI (or double-click onto the template)
Output Options/File Type
Select .png or .jpeg
Output Options/Width, Height
Width and height of the plot in pixels, which is also used when the images is saved as a file.
Output Options/Selected File
Set the file name to save the plot as an image.
The following place holders are supported: $$DATE$$ for the current date, $$USER$$ for the username, $$WS$$ for the workspace directory, and FLOWVAR(variablename) to use flow variable values in the file name.

Input Ports

A table which should be visualized with Python.

Output Ports

The generated Python plot as image column


Python plot
The generated Python plot. Can be can be rescaled and replotted by double-clicking.




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