OpenFSMR Converter

Creates a table with the format of OpenFSMR from a PMF file. The columns are:

  • Model name
  • Model ID
  • Model link
  • PMF organism
  • PMF organism detail
  • PMF environment
  • PMF environment detail
  • Model creator
  • Model reference description
  • Model reference description link
  • Model created
  • Model modified
  • Model rights
  • Model notes
  • Model curation status
  • Model type
  • Model subject
  • Model food process
  • Model dependent variable
  • Model dependent variable unit
  • Model dependent variable min
  • Model dependent variable max
  • Model independent variable
  • Software
  • Software link
  • Software accessibility
  • Software stochastic modeling?
  • Software prediction conditions


Selected File
Path of the file to read.

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