Model Editor

This node is designed to add information to previously estimated primary and / or secondary models or to correct details. References can be added and a subjective quality score can be given.


Model type
Define type of model: Primary, secondary or primary (secondary). The latter is a combination of one primary and one or more secondary models.
Formula from DB
Choose one of the formulas from the internal database if the aim is to create a variation of a stored formula. To enter a completely new formula do not change this field.
Formula name
Enter a name for the new formula.
Choose the type of the model (e.g. inactivation in case of a primary model or T if a secondary model models the change of a parameter depending on the temperature.
Enter the formula and click 'Apply'. Enter e.g. '2x' as '2*x', if '2' does not belong to the parameter name. Brackets may not be used left of the equals sign: "N(t) = a*(b+c)" -> "N = a*(b+c)".
Parameter Definition
Define the independent parameter. If known, also enter value, standard error, minimum and maximum values for the parameter. If the option 'primary (secondary)' was chosen click on a parameter name in order to define the secondary model for this parameter.
Model Name
Enter an informative name, e.g. 'E coli in culture medium at 30 C.
Goodness of fit
If known from a previously estimated model (e.g. from the literature), enter values for R2, root mean square (RMS), Akaike information criterion (AIC) or Bayesian information criterion (BIC).
The reference for the mathematical formula can be added, edited or deleted. The new reference can be chosen from the internal database. If the reference is not yet in there click the '+' button to manually enter a new reference.

Input Ports

Any model formula, e.g. from the nodes Model Creator, Model Fitting, ComBase Reader, Model Reader, XLS Model Reader, Primary Model Selection, Tertiary Model Selection)

Output Ports

Model formula(s) with parameters, goodness of fit and additional information

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