Zip Binary Object

This node compresses a binary object column using the zip compression algorithm. A second column provides paths within the resulting zip. The output table will contain a single Binary Object column containing only one row.

Warning - Duplicate entries in the Zip Path Column will result in node failure

This node was developed by Vernalis Research (Cambridge, UK) . For feedback and more information, please contact


Binary Object Column
Select the incoming binary object column
Zip Comment
An optional ZIP file comment
Compression Level
The compression level. 0 is no compression, and fastest. 9 is most compression, and slowest. The default is 6
Zip Path Column
A column containing paths for the files in the resulting zip archive. Rows with missing values in this column will be ignored. The row ID can be used in place of a column in the input table
Keep Empty Blobs as Directories
If this option is checked, rows containing missing values in the binary object column will be used as the names of empty directories within the resulting archive

Input Ports

Incoming data table

Output Ports

The input table with the resulting zip archive

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