Benchmark End (Flow Variable) (Memory Monitoring)

This node provides the end of a timing block for monitoring performance of a node or nodes. It needs to be paired with a corresponding Performance Monitoring Timing Start (Memory monitoring) node. The node passes through the last iteration's occurrence of the input tables. An additional flow variable port with the following variable is added:

  • Overall Start Time
  • Overall End Time
  • Number of executions
  • Best execution time
  • Worst execution time
  • Total execution time
  • Mean execution time

A second table is added with the details of individual timings

A third table is added with the details details of memory usage

The incoming Flow Variables are passed through unchanged from the final loop iteration

Execution can be halted either by the number of executions in the loop start node being passed, or the optional timeout time (again from the loop start node) being passed.

NB The timeout will not halt intermediate node execution, only prevent a new iteration starting.

This node was developed by Vernalis Research. For feedback and more information, please contact


Use legacy Date/Time Fields
The iteration timings table and memory usage table will use the new date and time column types unless this option is selected. Selecting the option matches the historic behaviour of the node

Input Ports

Input Flow Variable

Output Ports

Flow variable port with summary statistics added
Data table listing timings for each iteration
Data table listing the memory usage during loop execution
Unmodified Flow Variable from final iteration


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