KNIME URI Resolver

A column of KNIME URIs is resolved to their absolute paths. If the incoming column is a URI column, then the output is a URI column of file: URIs, otherwise it is a string column of absolute file paths

  • knime://knime.mountpoint/path/to/file - relative to the current mountpoint (repository) as the workflow
  • knime://knime.workflow/path/to/file - relative to the current workflow
  • knime://knime.node/path/to/file - relative to the current node (NB this will be this 'KNIME URL Resolver' node!)
  • knime://MOUNT-ID/path/to/file - Absolute path - NB this is likely to fail to resolve to a local file path unless the MOUNT-ID is 'LOCAL'

This node was developed by Vernalis Research (Cambridge, UK) . For feedback and more information, please contact


KNIME URI Column Name
The name of the column containing the incoming URIs
Canonicalise Output
Should the output be canonicalised? i.e. any '..' and '.' subpaths will be resolved and removed
Replace Input
Should the input column be replaced? If not, a new column with the name ' (Resolved)' will be appended to the table

Input Ports

Table containing a column of knime: protocol URIs

Output Ports

The resolved URIs


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