Read Variables

The Read Variables node reads flow variables saved by a Write Variables node back into a workflow. 'Special' variables (i.e. those whose name starts 'knime.') are ignored, as these have special meanings in KNIME.

The node provides various options for handling duplicate variables:

  • 'Overwrite existing variable with value from file' - Any existing variables duplicated in the file will have their values overwritten with those from the file
  • 'Ignore the value from the file' - The existing value will be retained, and the value in the file ignored
  • 'Rename variable from the file with uniquified name' - Any variables with duplicate names will have a suffix applied to the values read from the file, e.g. 'RowID(#0)' etc.
  • 'Rename variable from file if different' - Only variables with duplicate names which have different values or types will be renamed on reading. String comparisons ignore the Windows '\r' character.

The node can also be created by dragging-and-dropping a *.variables file on to the workflow editor

This node was developed by Vernalis Research . For feedback and more information, please contact


Selected file
Select a *.variables file. Other file extensions will fail.
Duplicate variable behaviour
Select the appropriate option for duplicate variable behaviour (see above for details)

Input Ports

An optional port for existing flow variables

Output Ports

Flow variables with those read from file


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