Reference Database Table Exists IF Switch (Legacy)

IF Switch node with active branch based on whether the database connection contains the specified table. The output is switched between two active ports which contain the data supplied to the node at the first (data table) input port

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Table Name
the name of the table to check, which may include the namespace. If no namespace is included then the namespace will not be checked
Ignore Case
If this option is selected, then the check will be performed in a case-insensitive manner. Otherwise the check is subject to the case sensitivity rules implemented in the JDBC connector for the database
Table Type(s)
The table types to check for the table. By default, this is restricted to tables and views
Check availability at Configure
If this option is selected, then the output ports are enabled/disabled during configure as well as during node execution (the result may be different between those times), otherwise the setting is only applied during node execution phase, and both ports remain active on the unexecuted node

Input Ports

Incoming data table
Database connection

Output Ports

Active data table port if table exists in database connection
Active data table port if table does not exist in database connection


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