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Glide XP Visualizer

Schrödinger Nodes for Suite2018-1 version by Schrödinger

Runs the XP Visualizer by starting Maestro

Backend implementation

Note: This node uses temporary files in the Schrodinger temporary directory that start with "internal_". If these files are deleted, or the temporary directory is changed, the node has to be re-run.


Column containing input structure
Select the column in the input data table that contains the input pose viewer molecules.

Input Ports

Receptor and ligand molecules. Note: This node will not configure properly unless this input column has the XP Visualization Information (or is configured to have it once the workflow has been executed)


View Maestro File XP Visualizer
Open XP Visualizer


Update Site

To use this node in KNIME, install Schrödinger Nodes for Suite2018-1 from the following update site:

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