List LiveDesign Items

List the Protocols, Models or Parametrized Models from a LiveDesign instance. If input port is not connected, protocols will be listed else models or parametrized models will be listed.
Requires Workflow Credentials or 'Credentials Input' Quick Form node with name: ld_credentials
Backend implementation from KNIME scripts


LiveDesign host
Specify a LiveDesign host to download a set of protocols. If "From the Preferences" is selected, then the value set in Preferences is taken.
Column containing Parent id
Select the column that contains the ids of the parent.

If the input port is not connected, then the Protocols will be listed in the output.

If a column with protocol ids are seletced, then the models for those protocols will be listed

If a column with model ids are seletced, then the parametrized models for those models will be listed
Extra arguments
Specify any extra arguments for the script

Input Ports


Output Ports


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