Get a Users Available Devices

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Get Available Devices

Get information about a user’s available devices.


Result Format
Specify how the response should be mapped to the table output. The following formats are available:
  • Structured Table: Returns a parsed table with data split into rows and columns.
    • Id: The device ID.
    • Is Active: If this device is the currently active device.
    • Is Private Session: If this device is currently in a private session.
    • Is Restricted: Whether controlling this device is restricted. At present if this is "true" then no Web API commands will be accepted by this device.
    • Name: A human-readable name for the device. Some devices have a name that the user can configure (e.g. \"Loudest speaker\") and some devices have a generic name associated with the manufacturer or device model.
    • Type: Device type, such as "computer", "smartphone" or "speaker".
    • Volume Percent: The current volume in percent.
  • Raw Response: Returns the raw response in a single row with the following columns:
    • body: Response body
    • status: HTTP status code

Input Ports

Configuration data.

Output Ports

Result of the request depending on the selected Result Format.
Configuration data (this is the same as the input port; it is provided as passthrough for sequentially chaining nodes to declutter your workflow connections).

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