List a Team's Projects

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Return a list of projects bound to a team.


Organization Id or Slug
The ID or slug of the organization the resource belongs to.
Team Id or Slug
The ID or slug of the team the resource belongs to.
Cursor (*)
A pointer to the last object fetched and its sort order; used to retrieve the next or previous results.
Result Format

Specify how the response should be mapped to the table output. The following formats are available:

Structured Table: Returns a parsed table with data split into rows and columns.

  • Latest Deploys:
  • Stats:
  • Transaction Stats:
  • Session Stats:
  • Id:
  • Slug:
  • Name:
  • Platform:
  • Date Created:
  • Is Bookmarked:
  • Is Member:
  • Features:
  • First Event:
  • First Transaction Event:
  • Access:
  • Has Access:
  • Has Custom Metrics:
  • Has Minified Stack Trace:
  • Has Monitors:
  • Has Profiles:
  • Has Replays:
  • Has Sessions:
  • Has Insights Http:
  • Has Insights Db:
  • Has Insights Assets:
  • Has Insights App Start:
  • Has Insights Screen Load:
  • Has Insights Vitals:
  • Has Insights Caches:
  • Has Insights Queues:
  • Has Insights Llm Monitoring:
  • Team:
  • Teams:
  • Event Processing:
  • Platforms:
  • Has User Reports:
  • Environments:
  • Latest Release:

Raw Response: Returns the raw response in a single row with the following columns:

  • body: Response body
  • status: HTTP status code

Input Ports

Configuration data.

Output Ports

Result of the request depending on the selected Result Format.
Configuration data (this is the same as the input port; it is provided as passthrough for sequentially chaining nodes to declutter your workflow connections).

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