Suggest Matching Entities

Suggests matching Identifier entities based on the query and entity_def_ids provided.


Value to perform the autocomplete search with.
Collection Ids (*)

A comma separated list of collection ids to search against. Leaving this blank means it will search across all identifiers. Entity defs can be constrained to specific facets by providing them as facet collections. Relationship collections will resolve to their underlying entity def.
Collection ids are: organizations, people, funding_rounds, acquisitions, investments, events, press_references, funds, event_appearances, ipos, ownerships, categories, category_groups, locations, jobs

Limit (*)
Number of results to retrieve; default = 10, max = 25
Result Format
Specify how the response should be mapped to the table output. The following formats are available:
  • Structured Table: Returns a parsed table with data split into rows and columns.
    • Identifier: Every entity in the system has a unique identifier that contains all necessary properties to represent it.
    • Facet Ids:
    • Short Description:
  • Raw Response: Returns the raw response in a single row with the following columns:
    • body: Response body
    • status: HTTP status code

Input Ports

Configuration data.

Output Ports

Result of the request depending on the selected Result Format.
Configuration data (this is the same as the input port; it is provided as passthrough for sequentially chaining nodes to declutter your workflow connections).

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