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Upload a single file to your Dropbox.



Local Source File
A file on your local computer, which should be uploaded to Dropbox. The uploaded file will use the same filename remotely as locally.
Remote Target Folder
The path to the folder in your Dropbox to where to upload. If you leave this empty, the file will be uploaded to the root folder. If you specify a path to a sub folder, it must begin with a / and must not end with a /. Example for a valid path: /path/to/your directory


Chunk Size (kB)
In case a file’s size exceeds the chunk size, it will be automatically split into several chunks and each chunk is uploaded sequentially. This is necessary to efficiently process large file uploads to Dropbox. In case of short, temporary network outages, only the current chunk needs to be repeated; on the other hand, larger chunk sizes reduce the number number of network requests, and thus the upload will be faster.
Return All Properties
Return all properties which are provided from Dropbox. This contains e.g. technical information, which are typically only interesting for advanced users.

Input Ports

Connector to Dropbox.

Output Ports

Table with uploaded file.
Same as input port (to ease chaining of nodes).

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