W3C Html Validator

This node submits URL(s) to W3C Nu HTML Validator service to evaluate quality of the HTML source. It uses W3C's host https://validator.w3.org/nu/ by default. Note that there is an unpublicized quota limit on W3C's host. Sending a large batch of URLs through this node to W3C's host can result in your IP being banned from their website. To avoid exceeding their quota limit, you should consider setting up your own validator host. You can follow their instruction to set up your own host.


HTML Validator URL
HTML Validator URL, default to W3C's URL
URL Column Name
A selection of String columns from the input table, the chosen column will be used in URL(s) submission.
Show Outline
Show site outline in details results

Input Ports

An input table that contains a URL column

Output Ports

An output table with HTML Validator summary results with counts for info, warning and error types
An output table with HTML Validator details results with text for info, warning and error types


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