Random Data Generator

Creates a data table with random data based definitions specified for each field column. Up to 1,000 field columns can be created. The number of rows generated can be configured.


Total Rows
Total rows of data to generate
Per Field: Column Name
The name of the table column
Per Field: Type
Type of field (Date, String, Integer)
Per Field: Min
The minimum value for the random data. Types: String -> Minimum text length (default 1), Integer -> Min number, Date -> Earliest Date (m/d/yyyy format), defaults to 100 years ago
Per Field: Max
The maximum value for the random data. Types: String -> Max text length (default 32), Integer -> Max number, Date -> Latest Date (m/d/yyyy format), defaults to current date

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Random data table.


This node has no views




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