Google PageSpeed Insight

This node submits URL(s) to Google PageSpeed Insights service to pull PageSpeed scores and other metrics provided by PageSpeed.

You will need a Google Account to obtain a Google PageSpeed Insight API key. To acquire an API key:

  1. Go to Google Developers Console
  2. Select a project, or create a new one.
  3. In the sidebar on the left, expand APIs and auth. Next, click APIs. Select the Enabled APIs link in the API section to see a list of all your enabled APIs. Make sure that the PageSpeed Insights API is on the list of enabled APIs. If you have not enabled it, select the API from the list of APIs, then select the Enable API button for the API.
  4. In the sidebar on the left, select Credentials.
  5. Click Add credentials and select API key.
  6. Click Server key.
  7. Specify a name for the key and click Create
  8. An API key should be shown.

Google imposes a quota limit on PageSpeed Insights API usage. The current limit (as of September, 2015) is 25,000 requests / day and 1 requests / second. The default pause is 1 second between sending requests to Google to avoid exceeding quota.


Google API Key
Google API Key that's necessary to use the service.
URL Column Name
A selection of String columns from the input table, the chosen column will be used in URL(s) submission.
Filter Third Party Resources
A PageSpeed option to filter out third party resources during evaluation, default is false.
A PageSpeed option for locale, default is en_US (format should be [language code]_[country code]).
A PageSpeed option for choosing between mobile and desktop strategy, default is desktop.
Wait time
Wait time (in milliseconds) between requests, default is 1000ms.

Input Ports

An input table that contains a URL column

Output Ports

An output table with Google PageSpeed results


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