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GenericKnimeNodes version 1.0.0.v202011301540 by Freie Universitaet Berlin, Universitaet Tuebingen, and the GenericWorkflowNodes Team

The Bean Shell allows you to build a new table by iterating over the input table and create for each input row a correspondig output row or even no output row (i.e. you are filtering out the row).
There are two iterations over the input table possible. The first iteration can be used to peek at the input data and the second iteration is used to produce the row of the output table. You can use Bean Shell-style code to operate on the input data. Each row is accessible by an object called INROW. The INROW object allows you access to the cells of the row.
For example INROW.getCell(0) gives you the first cell of the row. You can use any operation defined in the Cells DataValue interface. The new row is placed in the OUTROW object by calling setter-methods like OUTROW.addDoubleCell("my double", 0.02);

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