Remote SDF Reader

Read sdf on ssh server.
Specify as many files as you need separated by space.
File paths are relative to the working directory of your pipe.


input options

mandatory input options ()

other options

additional user options (see help text for details)


Options for configuring the remote execution via ssh.

These options will affect all nodes connected via the command line pipe following the first generator node.

Pipe Mode

Decides if environment variables for production or development mode are loaded prior to remote command execution.

Remote Directory

Directory on remote host in which the ssh execution will take place.

Error Log File

If specified the stderr of this command is written to this local file. Specify a full path. Values of flow variable can be inserted using ${varName}. This is especially useful on the server.

Execute in each node

If checked each node directly connected to via a command line pipe will be executed separately on node execution. A copy of the output data and stderror will be available on the output port and the node view. This is slow but ideal for debugging a pipe.

If unchecked no execution takes place on each connected command node. Instead you may use an Executer node (cf. consumer folder) to execute the pipe as a whole. The unix command to execute the pipe is available in each ouput port view.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports


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Command Error Output
Shows the stderr of the (ssh) command if each node is executed via ssh.


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