IndexWriter MM7.1

Creates a matchmaker Index from the data in the input table and the configured matchmaker Project template.
Fields introduced in the matchmaker Index are identified by name. All those fields from the input table that must be part of the index must carry the name of the corresponding input fields in the matchmaker Project. E.g. if a user wants the column containing first names to be part of the matchmaker index and the matchmaker project defines an input field for first names called FIRSTNAME, the name of the column in the input table must be configured to be FIRSTNAME.

After the successful execution of the node, a flow variable called 'MatchMaker.ClientPort' with the query port of the matchmaker project is exposed by this node. The input table is exposed unchanged to an output port to allow for further usage of the data: e.g. for intra-duplicate discovery workflows.

Note: This node requires a matchmaker 7.1 installation. It does not support distribution, meaning that the underlying matchmaker server must be installed in the same machine as the KNIME software executing the workflow.

Note: The corresponding MatchMaker project is required to have one input file called ProjectDir/data/data.dat and to be configured for a tab separated source.


Project Name
Name to create the matchmaker project with. If the project already exists, it will be reconfigured and reused.
Number of exSights
Specifies the number of parallel recall processes. Recommended value: number of cores on the machine.
matchmaker Project File
Specifies the etp file of the project configuration
Allow Overwriting Project Directory
If a project with the given name is already installed in matchmaker, overwrite the project. Otherwise execution of the node fails.
Enable Access through matchmaker Web APIs
Enables the access to the created project through the web APIs of MatchMaker. This option activates all recall and data web APIs for the project. For more information on these APIs, please check the MatchMaker reference manual.

Input Ports

A table of records to create the matchmaker index with. All fields are required to be of type String.

Output Ports

The forwarded input data

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