ProjectPortFinder MM6.2

This node takes the name of a local project and retrieves its query port. Host name and port are exposed as flow variables with the names 'MatchMaker.HostName' and 'MatchMaker.ClientPort' for further use. The node does not have any workflow input and does not produce any other output than the flow variables.

Note: This node requires a matchmaker 6.2 installation. It does not support distribution, meaning that the underlying matchmaker server must be installed in the same machine as the KNIME software executing the workflow.


Project Name
Name of the matchmaker project, whose port shall be retrieved.
matchmaker Home Directory
The installation directory of matchmaker 6.2. Used to locate the matchmaker applications.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

The flow variables 'MatchMaker.HostName' and 'MatchMaker.ClientPort'

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