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MOE Extensions for KNIME version by Chemical Computing Group ULC.

Opens a ASCII file to form an input stream. The field names are automatically detected.


Input File
Filename of the csv file.
Auto-Detect Options
If on, delimiter, quoted fields and header line will be detected automatically. If this fails the options have to be set in the corresponding tab.
Import only the first SMILES as molecule
If on, only the first SMILES field will be interpreted as molecules and other SMILES will be imported as strings.
Skip non-molecular fields
Do not import additional data fields
Character delimiting the fields in the input database.
Quoted fields
Field are enclose in quotes.
Fieldnames in line 1
Interpret the first line as fieldnames.
Output Format
Select the intended cell format for the molecule output.
Source File Name
If on the source file name will be written to a new column.

Output Ports

Input Data


Displays Runtime Information;

Best Friends (Incoming)

Best Friends (Outgoing)



To use this node in KNIME, install MOE Extensions for KNIME from the following update site:


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