Proteax as_pln

Protein entry converted to PLN (Protein Line Notation) format.


Protein text or molfile
Protein entry in UniProt, PLN, GPMAW, FASTA, or MDL molfile format.
Output options
PLN output formatting. Use 'residue-format=3-letter' to get 3-letter residue code output. Use 'inline-mods=include-all|remove-unused|resolve-to-known' to add or cleanup inline modifications.
Result column name
Name of appended column with result.
Add error column
Adds a column with any error messages. The error column is always named like the output column plus " - error". If the error column is not added, all errors will be logged to the KNIME console instead.

Input Ports

Table with at least one column that has a protein entry or molfile.

Output Ports

Table with an appended column containing the calculated result.

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