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  • BundleGateway REST API for KNIME Server
  • BundleKNIME Gateway Json Base Plugin
  • BundleKNIME Gateway Local Implementation
  • BundleKNIME Gateway REST Client
  • BundleKNIME Gateway Specification
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Copyright by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland


Terms for License of the KNIME Remote Workflow Editor 1. Application 1.1 These terms regulate the conclusion, content and performance of contracts with respect to the use of the software KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for KNIME Analytics Platform (AP), which is available for download from the website ("Website") ("KNIME Remote Workflow Editor"). 1.2 These terms shall be deemed accepted as soon as the user ("Licensee") downloads the KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for AP. 2. Ownership The KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for AP is a copyrighted work owned by KNIME, Zurich, Switzerland ("KNIME"), or a third party. 3. License 3.1 The Licensee is granted a non-exclusive and worldwide right to use the KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for AP. 3.2 The Licensee may make copies of the KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for installation and backup purposes only. 4. Restrictions 4.1 Licensee shall not and agrees not to transfer, rent, sublicense, copy, alter, modify, create derivative works of, reverse engineer, disassemble (except as permitted by law) or distribute the KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for AP or any part thereof. 4.2 KNIME reserves any rights not expressly granted to the Licensee and retains all rights, title to and interest in the KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for AP. 5. WARRANTY AND LIABILITY 5.1 THE KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for AP IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, ALL WARRANTY IS EXCLUDED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES FOR UNINTERRUPTED AND ERROR-FREE OPERATION, FOR OPERATION IN COMBINATION WITH OTHER HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, SYSTEMS OR DATA, FOR MERCHANTABILITY, FOR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND FOR NON-INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTY RIGHTS. 5.2 TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, ALL LIABILITY OF KNIME.COM IS HEREBY WAIVED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, LIABILITY FOR FINANCIAL DAMAGE, PROPERTY DAMAGE AND PERSONAL INJURY IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF THE KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for AP, LOSS OF DATA, DAMAGE OF DATA, DAMAGE TO COMPUTER SYSTEMS, FUNCTIONAL DISRUPTION OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS, DAMAGE OR LOSS OF PROFITS DUE TO THE WRONGFUL OPERATION OR NON-OPERATION OF THE KNIME Example Server View. 6. Duration of contract 6.1 This license contract is concluded for an indefinite period. 6.2 However, KNIME may terminate this contract at any time without financial consequences in case the Licensee is in breach of the contract. In the events of such termination, the Licensee shall cease to use the KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for AP and destroy all copies in his/her possession immediately. 7. Data Protection KNIME complies with the applicable Swiss data protection laws. The Licensee consents to KNIME using the Licensee's personal data for its own marketing purposes. 8. General 8.1 All reports, requests and other communication shall be deemed effective upon dispatch to the last address communicated to the other party of this contract. 8.2 If any provision of this contract shall be judged to be invalid, that provision shall be replaced by an economically equivalent provision and the remaining provisions of this contract will remain in full force and effect. 9. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction 9.1 This contract shall be governed by Swiss law, excluding its conflicts of laws principles and the Vienna Convention on the Sale of Goods and Services. 9.2 Exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be the city of Zurich/Switzerland. KNIME is, however, entitled to take legal action before any competent court at the domicile of the Licensee.