Nodes for working with geographic data. The Geo Nodes contain basic components, such as a “Geo Coordinate” cell type which represents a WGS84 latitude/longitude pair, a Haversine-based distance measure and aggregation methods for coordinate collections. The nodes include an extractor for location data from text, street address geocoding and reverse coordinate lookup.

This category contains 11 nodes.

Coordinate to Latitude/Longitude 

Convert “Geo Coordinate” cells into a double latitude and longitude values.

FreeGeoIP StreamableDeprecated

Lookup geographic information based on an IP or hostname.

Geo Distances 

Distance definition on Geo Coordinate column(s).

Google Address Geocoder Streamable

Allows to geocode (street) addresses using the Google geocoder service.

Latitude/Longitude to Coordinate 

Convert double latitude and longitude values to a “Geo Coordinate” value.

Location Extractor 

Extract geographic locations from text.

Map Viewer 

Show geographic coordinates on a map.

MapQuest Geocoder Streamable

Allows to geocode (street) addresses using the MapQuest geocoder service.

MapzenGeocoder StreamableDeprecated

Allows to geocode (street) addresses using the Mapzen geocoder service.

Reverse Location Lookup 

Look up locations from location sources by given coordinates.