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Google Analytics Query - 120Feet Edition


Google Analytics Query - 120Feet Edition
by Gavin Attard @120Feet
Improves on the original node resolving, Reliabilty, Accuracy and Pagination.

> Reliability - Re-try if query call fails
> Accuracy - Any date range fed generates a query %%00009per day. This ensure no sampling takes place on the google end.
> Pagination - The node has max records set to 10K. For queries generating more than 10K rows the component will request additional queries to ensure all rows are downloaded.

> Requires the Google Analytics Meda Data component for interface to work.

If using mulitple instances of the node you can use the Date Selector component to pass the date range into the component.

Version 2.0: - 18/01/2021
- Better handling of incorrect segment or filter settings. Now fails and stops workflow if encountered.
- Better handling of too many concurrent users. Where a large volume of parallel requests are made from multiple instances of the component, the loop kept re-trying, on rare occasions never resolving the issue. Now a small random delay is introduced to spread the re-tries and reduce the concurrent connections.
- Option to download data in default Google behaviour for User Level Metrics.


Get this component from the following link: Download


User Metric Aggregation
The component by default returns data for each day in a data range ipacting user metric aggreagation. Tick if you woudl like to switch off and mirror standard GA behaviour (i.e with potential for sampling)
(Optional) %%00010The dimension data to be retrieved from the API. A single request islimited to a maximum of 7 dimensions.
The metrics data to be retrieved from the API. Asingle request needs at least one metric and is limited to a maximumof 10 metrics.
Start Date
Select a Start Date. %%00010If passing a flow variable ensure it is called start_date.
End Date
Select an End Date. %%00010If passing a flow variable ensure it is called end_date
Custom Dimension Numbers
If Custom Dimensions selected enter the numbers, one per line
Custom Metric Numbers
If Custom Metrics selected then enter the numbers,one per line
(Optional) %%00010Specifies a subset of visits based on either an expression or a filter. The subset of visits matched happens before dimensions andmetrics are calculated. You can either use the predefinedsegmentations or define your own (for details see Filters orthe Google Core Reporting API documentation).%%00010Note: segmentations that are defined without a scope (e.g."source=~twitter") are interpreted to be user conditions("users::condition::ga:source=~twitter"). %%00010%%00010Example: %%00010users::condition::ga:city==Konstanz
Optional) %%00010Specifies a subset of all data matched in analytics. Multiple filtersare separated by ,(OR operator) or ;(AND operator). \escapes the special characters , ;and \. %%00010%%00010Dimension operators: %%00010==Exact match %%00010!=Does not match %%00010=@Contains substring %%00010!@Does not contain substring %%00010=~Contains a match for the regular expression %%00010!~Does not match regular expression %%00010%%00010Metric operators: %%00010==Equals %%00010!=Does not equal %%00010>Greater than %%00010=Greater than or equal to %%00010<=Less than or equal to %%00010%%00010Example: %%00010country==Canada %%00010city=~^New.* Sort(Optional) %%00010The order and direction to retrieve the results. Can have multipledimensions and metrics. Prepending a dash will sort in descendingorder. %%00010%%00010Example: %%00010pageLoadTime %%00010-visits

Input Ports

Connect the Google Analytics Connector here
Connect the Google Analytics MetaData node here

Output Ports

Your requested data


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