This directory contains 9 workflows.


Amazon S3 Remote File Example In order to connect to the service, Amazon S3 credentials are required. Folders created on root level are created as […]


Azure Blob Store Remote File Example Connect to Azure Blob Storage using a Storage Account and an Access Key Folders created on root level are created […]


This workflow accesses a zipped file from a local URL (knime://knime.workflow/data\2008.csv.bz2) and a zipped file from a remote URL […]


Will They Blend? Amazon S3 meets MS Blob Storage plus Excel The challenge here is to blend S3 formatted data from the Amazon Cloud with Blob Storage […]


SAS SPSS and MATLAB meet S3 The challenge here is to blend SAS, SPSS and Matlab proprietary files on Amazon S3 Cloud Solution. Will they blend? This […]


Amazon S3 meets DynamoDB This workflow demonstrates how a small dataset uploaded to S3 can be used as a basis for DynamoDB table creation and […]


Microsoft SharePoint Data Access This workflow demonstrates the usage of the Microsoft Authentication and SharePoint Online Connector nodes to connect to […]


This workflow accesses data on Google Cloud Storage and on Microsoft Sharepoint, blends the data, and formats the data into a table that is exported into a […]


Data Transfer between Clouds This workflow demonstrates the utilization of the new file system connection nodes within KNIME AP4.3, while reading, […]