NodePit for KNIME

NodePit for KNIME is an extension that brings the whole functionality of NodePit to your KNIME Analytics Platform. NodePit for KNIME allows you to easily search and explore nodes and workflows without even leaving the KNIME Analytics Platform. To see, what's new, check out the changelog.

NodePit for KNIME


NodePit for KNIME is distributed through the following software sites:

NOTE: These links are not intended for being downloaded through a web browser. Instead, please follow the installation instructions given below!

Make sure that you have a current version of the KNIME Analytics Platform. After starting KNIME, go to File → Preferences → Install/Update → Available Software Sites click on Add… and paste one of above’s URLs, depending on your KNIME version.

Add Software Site

Save and close the preferences window, choose File → Install KNIME Extensions… and select NodePit for KNIME for installation. Restart KNIME when prompted to do so. After a successful installation, go to View → Other… and activate the view NodePit. The view will be added to your current perspective. Arrange and move it according to your preferences.

Install NodePit for KNIME