This node takes a list of raster file location in the input table, perform the raterize using gdal_rasterize command and generate a list of output rasters in the desired location. The output table contains the generated raster file locations.


Output File Resolution (X and Y)
Set output file resolution (X and Y) (in target georeferenced units). Both must be positive values.
Attribute Name
Identifies an attribute field on the features to be used for a burn-in value. The value will be burned into all output bands.
No Data Value
Assign a specified nodata value to output bands.
Target Aligned Pixels
Target aligned pixels. Check this box if you want to align the coordinates of the extent of the output file to the values of the -output file resolution, such that the aligned extent includes the minimum extent.
Output Type
For the output bands to be of the indicated data type. Defaults to Float64
Output Format
Select the output format. The default is GeoTIFF (GTiff)
Output Folder Location
Location of the output folder where your new raster files will be generated. It will also generate a text file "commands.txt" in this location that contains all the commands use for generating raster. The commands in this file can be run separately as a batch file.
Run commands
Check this option if you actually want to run the gdal commands. You have option to run it from the generated "commands.txt" file as a batch script if you decide not to run it. By default it is checked.

Input Ports

The locations of source raster files. The table must contain a "Location" column.

Output Ports

The locations of generated raster file. It uses "Location" as column header.

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