This node takes a list of raster file location in the input table and generates a raster proximity map indicating the distance from the center of each pixel to the center of the nearest pixel identified as a target pixel. Target pixels are those in the source raster for which the raster pixel value is in the set of target pixel values. The output table contains the generated raster file locations.


Output Type
Force the output image bands to have a specific type. Use type names (i.e. Byte, Int16,...)
Output Format
Select the output format. The default is GeoTIFF (GTiff).
Distance Unit
Indicate whether distances generated should be in pixel or georeferenced coordinates
No Data Value
Specify a nodata value to use for the destination proximity raster.
Output Folder location
Location of the output folder where your new raster files will be generated.

Input Ports

The locations of source raster files. The table must contain a "Location" column.

Output Ports

The locations of generated raster file. It uses "Location" as column header.

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