Clip Raster

This node takes a list geometries and rank in the input table, perform the clipping over list of raster files supplied by an input location, provided shapefile as cutline and using gdalwarp command. It generates the list of clipped rasters in the supplied output folder location using corresponding rank value as name. The output table contains the generated raster file locations and rank.


Target Aligned Pixels
Target aligned pixels. Check this box if you want to align the coordinates of the extent of the output file to the values of the -output file resolution, such that the aligned extent includes the minimum extent.
Output File Resolution (X and Y)
Set output file resolution (X and Y) (in target georeferenced units)
No Data Value
Set nodata values for output bands (different values can be supplied for each band). If more than one value is supplied all values should be quoted to keep them together as a single operating system argument. New files will be initialized to this value and if possible the nodata value will be recorded in the output file. Use a value of None to ensure that nodata is not defined. If this argument is not used then nodata values will be copied from the source dataset
Check this box if you want to overwrite the target dataset if it already exists.
Clip Shape file location
Location of shapefile which is used for cutline
Output file location
Directory location of clipped raster files
Output file name
Directory location of clipped raster files
Shapefile Attribute
This specifies shape file attribute

Input Ports

Input table of raster locations, rank or overalp ids

Output Ports

The locations of clipped raster files. It uses "Location" as column header.

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