Raster Calculator

This node takes multiple raster columns as input and perform a row-wise raster calculation with provided logical expression. You also need to provide output directory location. The output table contains the generated raster file locations after calculation.


Locatin of calculated raster
Location of the output folder where your calculated raster files will be generated. It will also generate a text file "commands.txt" in this location that contains all the commands use for generating raster. The commands in this file can be run separately as a batch file.
Logical expression
The logical expression for calculating raster in gdalnumeric syntax. In the expression your can use the number of variables equal to the number of columns. The variable names should be in capital alphabet in order (A,B,C,..)

Input Ports

The locations of source raster files. The table must contain raster location with column name prefixed with "Location"

Output Ports

The locations of calculated raster files. It uses "Location" as column header.

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