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Spectrum JPEG

MassSpectInKnime2 version 1.0.1

This node allows for single spectra intensities to be plotted against m/z onto a single chart and saved as a JPEG in a user specified location.


File Destination
This specifies the location of where the spectra JPEGs will be saved.
Specify the width of the saved JPEG.
Specify the height of the saved JPEG.

Input Ports

The incoming data should contain rows of intensities of the spectra. The data should be combined so that the rows of the data are the intensities for a single spectra. The column names are the m/z channels.
No description for this port available.

Output Ports

No description for this port available.
No description for this port available.


To use this node in KNIME, download the below referenced file, save it to your KNIME's plugin folder and restart KNIME.


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