Spectrum Visualizer (Compare)

This node allows for multiple spectra intensities to be plotted onto a single chart and displayed in a view. NOTE : Please enter the pixel values of the spectra to visualize in the following format : "1,1, 2,2" or "2,15 5,13", etc.


Specify the pixels to be drawn here. NB : Remember to specify them in the format "1,1 2,3 4,5" etc.
Save the JPEG?
Specify whether you would like to save the JPEG or not.
File Destination
Specify the directory to store the JPEG of this image.

Input Ports

The incoming data should contain rows of intensities of the spectra. The data should be combined so that the rows of the data are the intensities for a single spectra. The column names are the m/z channels.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports

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m/z Channel View
Visualization of the intensity plotted against the m/z values.


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