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m/z Channel Viewer

MassSpectInKnime2 version 1.0.1

This node is used for grayscale visualizations of m/z channels and their intensities. It scales the intensites to a colour between black and white, white being the most intense, and black being zero. The node allows the user to view a single m/z, or the average intensities across multiple channels. Furthermore, the user can specify whether the maximum intensity is across the whole dataset, or across the considered m/z.


Single m/z or Range
Choose whether we draw a single m/z channel or the average intensities across a whole range.
Minimum m/z
Specify the minimum m/z to be considered in the visualization.
Maximum m/z
Specify the maximum m/z to be considered in the visualization.
Maximum Intensity Value
Choose local for the intensities to be scaled to the largest intensity in the considered m/z channel. Choose global for the intensities to be scaled to the largest intensity in the entire incoming tables.
Image Width
The desired image width of the output visualization.
Image Height
The desired image height of the output visualization.

Input Ports

The incoming data should contain rows of intensities of the spectra. The data should be combined so that the rows of the data are the intensities for a single spectra. The column names are the m/z channels.


m/z Channel View
View the output grayscale m/z channel for the given dataset.


To use this node in KNIME, download the below referenced file, save it to your KNIME's plugin folder and restart KNIME.


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