ImzML Reader

Load a full imzML dataset into memory with the rows as spectrums. This is thus more suitable for smaller imzML datasets, such that they can be processed in loops provided by KNIME, found in the Workflow Control node repository. Each spectrum is assigned a row in the outgoing DataTables.


imzML file location
Get the location of the imzML file to be loaded into KNIME. Please ensure the .imzML and .ibd files are in the same directory.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

The outgoing data consists of the rows of spectra m/z values.
The outgoing data consists of the rows of spectra Intensity values.

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imzML Information
This displays a table of information about the loaded dataset. The table consists of useful info, including minimum m/z, maximum m/z, whether the imzML is processed/continuous etc.


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