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Limit m/z Range

MassSpectInKnime2 version 1.0.1

We use this node to simply limit the m/z range between a user specified minimum and maximum. We look at the incoming m/z values, and limit the output depending on these. If the minimum and maximum are outside of the range of the actual data, then we output empty tables. We then limit the intensity values depending on their corresponding m/z values. Requires the dataset to be continuous/processed such that m/z values are equal (eg Rebinned).


Limits on m/z

Specify the minimum m/z value to be found in the output tables,
Specify the maximum m/z value to be found in the output tables.

Input Ports

The m/z values of spectra as rows of a DataTable.
The intensity values of spectra to the corresponding m/z inputs.

Output Ports

The incoming m/z spectra values that fit in the range specified in the dialog.
The incoming intensity spectra values that fit in the range specified in the dialog.


To use this node in KNIME, download the below referenced file, save it to your KNIME's plugin folder and restart KNIME.


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