Market Simulation

Market Simulation Nodes

This category contains 26 nodes.

Bundle Generator 

The Bundle Generator node aggregates together a Bundled Product from a selection of individual Products.

Correlation Concatenation 

The Correlation Concatenation node concatenates several Correlation Matrices together.

Correlation Extension 

The Correlation Extension node intelligently extends a Correlation Matrix with a list of Correlation Pairs.

Correlation Matrix To Pairs 

The Correlation Matrix To Pairs node converts a Correlation Matrix into a list of Correlation Pairs.

Correlation Pairs To Matrix 

The Correlation Pairs To Matrix node converts a list of Correlation Pairs into a Correlation Matrix.

Customer Distributions 

The Customer Distributions node generates Market Simulation input data for individual Customers according to the user-selected type of Distribution.

Demand Curve 

The Demand Curve node generates the Demand Curve for a set of Products and identifies the 'Profit Maximizing Price' for each Product by Brand, Store, […]

Demand Shredder 

The Demand Shredder node removes values from the Willingness To Pay (WTP) Matrix to reduce the possibility that a Customer will switch to an unlikely […]

Differentiation Horizontal 

The Differentiation Horizontal node mathematically describes the Horizontal Differentiation between Product Features as a Correlation Matrix.

Differentiation Vertical 

The Differentiation Vertical node mathematically describes the Vertical Differentiation between Product Features as a Mean, Standard Deviation (SD), and […]