Convert & Replace

This category contains 28 nodes.

Round Double Streamable

Rounds double values to the specified decimal place.

String Manipulation Streamable

Manipulates strings like search and replace, capitalize or remove leading and trailing white spaces.

String Manipulation (Multi Column) Streamable

Apply string transformations to several columns at once. The results can either replace the values in the respective source columns or be appended into a […]

String Replace (Dictionary) Streamable

Replaces the values in a column by matching entries of a dictionary file.

String Replacer Streamable

Replaces values in string cells if they match a certain wildcard pattern.

String To Number Streamable

Converts strings in a column to numbers.

String To Number StreamableDeprecated

Converts strings in a column to numbers.

Target Shuffling 

Randomly shuffles the values in one column