Node Connectivity

There are 68 nodes that can be used as predessesor for a node with an input port of type PMML.

OtherR To PMML Deprecated

Converts a given R object into a corresponding PMML object.

PredictorRule Engine (Dictionary) Streamable

Applies the rules from the second input port to the first datatable.

ManipulatorMany to One (PMML) 

Transforms the values of multiple columns into a single column while generating PMML.

ManipulatorOne to Many (PMML) Deprecated

Transforms the values of one column into appended columns.


Creates a crisp center based clustering.

Learnerk-Means Deprecated

Creates a crisp center based clustering.

LearnerRProp MLP Learner Deprecated

Builds and learns an MLP with resilient backpropagation.

LearnerDecision Tree Learner 

Decision tree induction performed in memory.

ManipulatorDecision Tree to Ruleset 

Converts a decision tree model to PMML RuleSet model.

OtherTable to PMML Ensemble 

Transforms a table of PMML documents with a tree model into a single PMML document.