This category contains 9 nodes.

VisualizerBar Chart (JFreeChart) 

Displays a bar chart for columns with nominal values.

VisualizerBubble Chart (JFreeChart) 

This node creates a bubble-chart visualization. It uses two variables for the position of a data point and a third one is mapped to the radius of the […]

VisualizerGroupBy Bar Chart (JFreeChart) 

Displays a bar chart for all ready grouped columns with nominal values. You can use the GroupBy-Node to gain the required columns.

VisualizerHeatMap (JFreeChart) 

A HeatMap maps each value onto a color scale and visualizes it in a rectangle. It can be used to show lists of numbers and distance matrices.

VisualizerHistogram Chart (JFreeChart) 

Display a histogram chart.

VisualizerInterval Chart (JFreeChart) 

Displays a interval chart.

VisualizerLine Chart (JFreeChart) 

Display a line plot using x,y data points and connects them using a line. The colors are chosen from the second input table.

VisualizerPie Chart (JFreeChart) 

Node to display a pie chart.

VisualizerScatter Plot (JFreeChart) 

The node visualize the input data by putting each data point to the position on the plot (X and Y value).