Utilities and Converters

This category contains 10 nodes.

Combine Canvas Fingerprints 

Combines fingerprints for distinct or overlapping sets of molecules.

Concatenate Bitvectors 

Concatenates Bitvectors

Convert Bitvector to FingerPrint 

This node converts Bitvectors to FingerPrints.

Convert Fingerprint to Bitvector 

Converts a Fingerprint to a Bitvector

Convert Fingerprint to Table 

Extract fingerprints to table format

Convert Matrix to Table 

Converts a binary Canvas Matrix into the output table

Convert Table to FingerPrint 

This node inputs a table consisting of binary or real-valued data columns and converts into canvas fingerprints.

Convert Table to Matrix 

This node inputs a table, which consists of a molecule name and a n-by-n matrix of double precision numbers, where n is the number of molecules.

Multi-dimensional Scaling 

Multi-dimensional Scaling

Principal Components 

Direct Principal Components generation without intermediate analysis